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Aquam's electric vehicles are fitted with a range of advanced safety features, including 360 camera view, parking sensors and emergency stop, to ensure maximum safety while on the road. These features monitor your surroundings and alert you to any potential danger.


Our electric dynamic traction control system is designed to provide ultimate performance and safety. Our advanced vectorial traction control calculates and adjust the power of each wheel in milliseconds, allowing for improved stability and active cornering. Additionally, it provides faster steering performance, ensuring that your vehicle stays safe and secure no matter the driving conditions.


The ET series cluster and multimedia system is designed to give you total control over your electric vehicle. It features a multiple display system for enhanced navigation and entertainment, native softwares to easily control your vehicle's gadgets, cloud connectivity for automatic download of software updates and firmware, and an intuitive user interface for maximum convenience.


The performance selector switch allows you to customize the driving experience. With this feature, you can switch between multiple performance settings, so you can choose the best driving experience. 


The in-wheel motors technology provide extreme power-to-size ratio, reducing the weight of the vehicle while still providing high performance and gigantic torque. Our dynamic traction control software gives you the ability to control and optimize the performance of your vehicle based on the street condition. Our traction system is highly reliable, allowing you to enjoy a smooth or sporty ride every time in safety.

Battery cells are divided in modular compartments , making them easy to maintain and replace, if necessary. Defective modules can be easily replaced at low cost. Additionally, the modular design allows for the easy expansion and upgrade of the battery pack for increased range and performance.


Remote App allows you to take full control of your vehicle from anywhere. With our app, you can switch "on" the trike with a proximity key less system, and even voice control many other functions. Our app puts you in the driver's seat remotely, by allowing you to monitor and control all the features of your vehicle with ease.

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